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Heathenry: The International Journal for Heathen Research

Heathenry: The International Journal for Heathen Research was established in 2024 to provide a platform for Heathen researchers writing on topics related to all aspects of Heathenry, both historical and modern.

Current Editors

The current editors are Rich Blackett, Sif Brooks, Dan Coultas, Ioan McCarthy, Andy Pardy, Denise Vast and Janet Walker-Harris.


Submissions for our first volume, to be published later this year are welcome. The deadline for submissions is 31st March 2024, and details on requirements and how to submit articles can be found below.

Call for Papers for Heathenry

International Journal for Heathen Research, Hosted by Asatru UK

Deadline for Papers: March 31st 2024
Maximum word count is 8000 words.

Please send completed papers to:

The theme of the journal is to explore modern Heathen perspectives of Old Norse and Anglo-Saxon religion and belief, with the purpose to further discussion in this rich area of study, and to showcase the breadth of expertise we have within the community.

We would like all referencing to be in MHRA format, please see the link for style guidelines.

An MHRA bibliography generator can also be found here: 

If you have any issues with using this format, please do get in touch.

Ideas for exploration may include:

  • Modern Heathen Praxis

  • Alternative Perspectives to Old Norse Studies/Pre-Christian Belief

  • Examination of Old Icelandic Literature

  • Challenging Misconceptions in the period or in modern practice

  • Combating far-right appropriation of Heathen iconography


Detailed discussion on a subject of your choice that would fulfil the criteria mentioned in the outline.

We also welcome all submissions that may fall outside of these areas, as long as they are relevant to academic discussion of Heathenry and related topics.

If you would like to discuss whether your chosen topic would be considered suitable before submission, contact our editors by emailing

Please note that submission does not guarantee publication.

The intention is for this journal to be published annually, but this may be subject to change depending on interest.

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