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A Heathen Yule - Part 3


Although commonplace today, candles were rarely used in Viking Age Scandinavia. Beeswax was often too valuable, mostly for its use in metal casting. They only became more commonplace after the introduction of Christianity due to the Christian symbolism of the candle.

However, there is Nornagests þáttr or the Story of Norna-Gest...

In this ‘legendary saga’ Norna-Gest the poet is cursed at birth by the Norn Skuld to live only as long as a candle lasted. So his parents put out the candle and instead rendered him essentially immortal until Olaf Tryggvason forced Nornagest to convert to Christianity and to light his candle to show that he was unafraid of pagan prophecies.

But... when the candle burns out he keels over and dies right in front of the king.þáttr

SIMPLE CANDLE RITUAL This can be done with just a candle alone or you can gather other items to decorate the space.

Gather everything you intend to use, eg.

- Candle.. which can be inscribed with words, runes or pictures using a heated knife. - Holly - Evergreen leaves - Mistletoe - Incense - Pictures of passed loved ones

Set yourself up in your regular ritual space and sit still for a few minutes.

Light the candle and incense if using.

“Hail to the spirits of this house, thank you for your protection and helping me to make a house a home.”

“Hail to the spirits of this land, thank you for helping me on this path.”

“Hail to my ancestors known and unknown, of family and of spirit, who have all made me who I am and walk beside me in life.”

“Hail to the Gods, who give me inspiration and guide me on my path to wisdom.”

“Hail to you All and may you continue to support and guide me.”

Sit with the candle lit for a while, thinking of all the positive things in your life, of loved ones passed and how they made your life better and how they inspire you, of the Gods and energies and what they bring to your life.

Then when you’re ready...

“Hail and farewell.”

...and blow out the candle

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