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About Asatru UK


Asatru UK is a UK-wide Asatru community run by a small group of people from all over the country. Starting on Facebook it soon grew, until the first moot was organised in York in March 2013. The people who attended became the driving force behind Asatru UK and formed the KIN, the organisational body behind the group. Since then, Asatru UK has launched forward to organising moots around the country, three times a year.


Asatru UK’s aim is to create a community of those like-minded individuals who follow the old northern European pantheons, united under the banner of Asatru.


Asatru UK's goals are;

  • To create a space for discussion, teaching and learning.

  • To provide opportunities for growth

  • To organise moots and Thyngs for those around the UK

  • To further the relationship between those of Heathen faiths in the UK and around the world

  • To further Heathenry 

Asatru UK is open to all those who have a healthy interest in the Asatru/Heathen/northern European faiths.

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