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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a Heathen and I want to grow a beard but my employer says its not allowed. Is this discrimination on religious grounds?


Unfortunately no. There is nothing in Heathenry that states the wearing of a beard is a religious requirement. It is purely a personal preference. You are not entitled to an exemption of employment policy on Religious grounds.

Do you have payment plans available to spread the cost of buying event tickets?


Yes we have plans available that let you pay monthly for your tickets instead of all in one go provided they are paid in full before the event takes place. More on our Events Page

What are the rules for attending events?


We have a code of conduct for atttendees of our events. Some events are only open to Patron members. More info on our Events Page

Do you have an inclusivity policy?

Policies & Guidelines

Yes. You can find full details here

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