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Asatru UK Code of Conduct at Events


This code of conduct shall apply to all AUK volunteers, members and anyone attending a ticketed or non-ticketed AUK event. It is designed to ensure all attendees can enjoy the event in a safe and inclusive environment.



This code of conduct applies to those individuals listed in Paragraph 1 when attending, promoting or in any other way representing an AUK event.



AUK is inclusive of people regardless of race, gender reassignment, age, sex, sexuality, disability, marriage/civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity and religion/belief.

Verbal or other forms of discrimination at AUK events will be dealt with by the event staff. If necessary the person or persons engaging in the aforementioned discrimination will be ejected from the event. In extreme cases the police will be notified. Any AUK volunteer found using their position to discriminate in any way based upon the above characteristics will also be subject to the disciplinary procedure.



AUK will not tolerate harassment in any form. Anyone found to be engaging in any form of harassment at an AUK event will be ejected from the event. In extreme cases the police will be notified.


AUK believes that members should be able to meet with each other in a safe and peaceful environment, and as such has a zero-tolerance approach to physical violence. Any individual engaged in physical violence at AUK events, other than in self defence or the defence of others, will be ejected from the event and the police will be informed.

Integrity of event volunteers

All AUK volunteers are expected to fulfil their roles to the standard expected by AUK, not exceed the authority of their position, or use their position within AUK for personal gain. Volunteers at events are expected to:

  • Carry out the duties their role requires.

  • Comply with The UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR).

  • Not misuse AUK assets.

  • Follow instructions when given.

  • When acting as an AUK volunteer do so in the best interests of AUK.

Failure of volunteers to comply with (Integrity of event volunteers)

Failure to comply with the above paragraph will result in volunteers being given a verbal warning. Further failure to comply will result in them being relieved of their duties at that event. During events all volunteers, regardless of their position, answer to the events co-ordinator, who in turn answers to the chair.

Financial integrity

Any volunteers who handle money on behalf of AUK shall keep accurate records, and shall not take money from AUK for personal gain, or spend AUK funds without appropriate authority. All financial records are to be made available on request. Those found engaging in financially inappropriate actions will be subject to the disciplinary procedure.


All AUK events will have a thorough risk assessment. All attendees are to comply with all rules and regulations at the event that are designed to ensure the safety of everyone present. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Directions given by AUK volunteers (recognisable by the official AUK high vis jacket).

  • Directions given by site staff.

  • Covid-19 safety protocols or other public health protocols.

  • Fire safety regulations.

  • Noise regulation.

  • Crowd control measures.

Drugs and Alcohol

AUK events are family friendly and have a zero-tolerance approach to illegal substances. Anyone found to be in possession of, using or distributing illegal substances will be ejected from the event, and where necessary the police will be informed. Alcohol can be consumed at the event and attendees are welcome to bring their own alcoholic beverages, as well as purchasing them from the onsite bar. Unlicenced alcohol sales are not allowed. The bar will not serve alcohol to anyone under the age of 18, and the “think 25” protocol will be in force. Attendees are reminded that it is illegal to buy alcohol for anyone under the age of 18. The use of tobacco products are permitted (for those over the age of 18), but all attendees are asked to be considerate of those around them when smoking or vaping.


AUK events are family friendly. All attendees are to act in a manner which is appropriate to such an event and be mindful of the influence they could have upon the children attending the event. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Moderating language around children.

  • Not making excessive noise in the camping area between 10pm and 8am.

  • Not engaging in any behaviour that could have a negative impact on young people.

Animal cruelty and environmental damage

AUK is committed to protecting the environment. Anyone found to have engaged in illegal animal cruelty or damage to the environment at an AUK event will be ejected, and where necessary the relevant authorities notified. Any deliberate damage to the event site will be reported to the site staff.

Personal relationships

AUK is an organisation that is inclusive of people of diverse sexualities, and believes in the positive role played in our lives by consensual sexuality. We consider non-consensual sexual activity of any kind, or sexual activity with an individual under the legal age of consent (as defined by country of residence) to be unacceptable. Anyone engaging in non-consensual sexual activity of any form at an AUK event will be ejected and the police informed.

Spiritual tolerance

Heathenry means different things to different people. AUK celebrates the diversity of beliefs within our community and will not tolerate any discrimination based on spiritual beliefs. AUK will not tolerate any speech which mocks or discriminates against other religions. Anyone found to be engaging in such activities at an AUK event will be ejected. Anyone disrupting or being disrespectful during rituals will be asked to leave said ritual. Repeat offenders will be ejected from the event.

The God Post

It’s a wonderful thing that AUK is now able to commission the building and use of God posts at our events. However, whilst every reasonable care has been taken to ensure the post is well supported by authorised carriers (for ritual purposes) and standing in a single space, it has not been designed to withstand human/animal interactions. Please be aware that leaning or touching the post other than has been directed may cause the post to fall and potentially cause serious injury. Please always follow the advice of committee members or ask if you are unsure.


Whilst we have minimal disturbances regarding safety and theft: during events, the attendees are responsible for their own safety, wellbeing and safety of all their assets including (but not limited to) personal belongings and vehicles. Anything brought to the event is at the owner’s risk.

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