Asatru UK Events Calendar

Here you will find the upcoming events that have been organised by Asatru UK, around the country. .

Our Events are always endeavoured to be on school holidays, allowing children to be a part of what we do as well as our brother an sister Heathens.

To book any of our Regional Moots, you will need to go into the facebook group, where all booking information is held in the events. If you are not a member on there already, you will need to become one.

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Jorvik 2022
24 Feb, 17:00
The Black Swan

Yorvik Moot

The home of Asatru UK, where we had our very first moot, York is close to all our hearts. We now attend over 4 days at the end of the Yorvik Viking Festival, at the Black Swan.

For more information on the location please go here.

Early Summer Moot

Usually held around the May Bank Holiday, this Moot, is aimed more at families but all are welcome. We have  previously held this at Campsites in Lincoln, Oxfordshire, and Wales.

For 2020, this is being held at Ebborways campsite in Priddy, near the towns of Wells and Glastonbury in Somerset.


Autumn Moot

Usually held in Bunk House. We have previously held this at locations in Wales and Cumbria.