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The Gods and Goddesses

Each entry in the list below links to a full article and where available a Youtube video about that God or Goddess

Primeval cow involved in the creation of the world


Goddess of healing

Dog who guards the gate of Hel


The goddess of death


Jörð (also known as Jord or Iord). Often described simply as ‘the earth’, she holds an unusual position in Nordic Heathenry, one defined by mystery and sporadic attestations in the lore.

Vanir god of fertility, wealth and wind.


Rán, who takes those who drown in her realm, and catches them in her net, dragging them down, down, down to her hall in the deepest depths of the ocean.


God of sky and war, lost his hand during the binding of Fenrir


Valkyrjur: Choosers of the slain. This is their solemn duty, to select those to die in battle and take them away to Valhalla and Folkvangr, to be divided between Odin and Freyja equally.


Daughter of Thor and Síf

The Bright God, is killed by his brother, who was tricked by Loki. Baldr will return from Hel after Ragnarök.

God of justice


Being who was speared and burnt by the Æsir three times, but each time was reborn.

Blind son of Odin tricked by Loki into killing his brother Baldr. Joins his brother Baldr on his return from Hel after Ragnarök

Seen as a god of mischief but is a pivotal figure in the stories of the gods.


Powerful female beings, some of whom govern fate


The fair-haired wife of Thor and mother of Ullr and Þrúðr

The sun goddess

He is the son of Sif from a union prior to Thor. He has a hall called Ydalir, meaning yew dale. According to Snorri in the Prose Edda, he is a skilful bowman and skier. He is beautiful and an accomplished warrior.

Odin's avenger who kills Fenrir and survives Ragnarök

God of poetry and wisdom


Vanir goddess associated with aspects such as fertility, love and seiðr.

Guardian of the gods and father of mankind

Æsir hostage following the Æsir-Vanir War, Æsir told the Vanir he was the wisest among them

Æsir hostage and wise god whose head the Vanir sent back to Odin when they realised that Hœnir was not as wise as the Æsir said. Odin magically preserved Mimirs head.

The Allfather, chief of the gods of Asgard and god of wisdom.


The wife of Loki who protects him from dripping venom while he is bound as a punishment for his deeds.

God of thunder, protector of Asgard and Midgard

Baldr's avenger who also survives Ragnarök

Vanir hostage and god of fertility

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