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The Gods & Goddesses

There is a case for the gods being the main reason people are first drawn to Heathenry. Many Heathens that join Asatru UK come to the religion after an experience with an individual or multiple gods, be it in dreams, visions or physical experiences. There is aslso the draw from the age-old stories of the gods, not everybody has an experience. These aren't just gods that preach peace, conversion and happiness, these are also gods of war, fertility, wrath and sometimes cunning.

For further reading, we elaborate on this subject in our Traveller's collection book, "A Travellers Guide to Modern Heathenry".

Each entry in the list below links to a full article and where available a Youtube video about that God. Subscribe to our channel here:

The Gods

Each item in the list below links to a full article and where available a Youtube video about that God. Subscribe to our channel h

Odin - the Allfather, Chief of the Gods of Asgard and God of wisdom.

Thor - God of Thunder, Protector of Asgard and Midgard

Yngvi-Freyr (or just Freyr) - Vanir hostage and God of Fertility

Vidar - Odin's Avenger who kills Fenrir and survives Ragnarok

Baldr - known as the Bright God, is killed by his brother, who was tricked by Loki.  Baldr will return from Hel after Ragnarok.  Link to full article.  

Vali - Baldr's Avenger who also survives Ragnarok

Heimdall - Guardian of the Gods and Father of Mankind

Tyr - God of Sky and War, lost his hand during the binding of Fenrir

Njord - Vanir Hostage, God of Fertility, Wealth and Wind.

Bragi - God of Poetry and Wisdom

Hod - blind son of Odin tricked into killing his brother Baldr by Loki.  Joins his brother Baldr on his return from Hel after Ragnarok

Forseti - God of Justice. Link to full article.

Loki - seen as a God of Mischief but is a pivotal figure in the stories of the gods.

Hoenir - Aesir hostage following the Aesir\Vanir War, Aesir told the Vanir he was the wisest among them

Mimir - Aesir hostage and wise God whose head the Vanir sent back to Odin when they realised that Hoenir was not as wise as the Aesir said. Odin magically preserved Mimirs head.


Goddesses  List:


Frigg - wife of Odin, and his adversary in their games with human lives

Freya - Vanir, Goddess of Fertility, Magic and Love

Fulla - Friggs secret keeper

Gerd - Jotun wife of Freyr, seen as an Earth Goddess

Gefion - turned her 4 sons into bulls and ploughs Zealand away from Scandinavia

Gna - Frigg's messenger

Skadi - Jotun wife of Njord and later Odin, seen as a Goddess of Winter

Idunn - Keeper of the Apples of Youth who is married to Bragi

Nanna - wife of Baldr and mother of Forseti


Hnoss - daughter of Freya and Odr

Rind - mother of Vali

Siofn - Goddess of Marriage\Relationships

Saga - Odin's drinking partner

Sigyn - Loki's wife

Sif - Wife of Thor with magical golden hair, often associated with summer and harvests

Var - Goddess of Marriage\Relationships

Thrud - Thor's daughter

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