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Welcome to Asatru UK, an inclusive Heathen community open to all who follow or wish to learn about the pre-Christian beliefs of Northern Europe

We are dedictated to creating a space for talk, teaching and learning and to provding an opportunity for discussion ans growth.  We hold events throughout the year to bring heathens together in a sipirt of frith and friendship and we also work to further those relationships in the wider world.

Want to get involved? Join our Facebook group, support the work we do by becoming a patron,  get involved with our community and events.

Along with other information, we have a page dedicated to this very question

Our detailed guide to the Gods and Goddesses with links to articles and videos

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In common with other groups we support and share a general non-discriminatory stance. Heathenry is open for everyone who chooses to be involved. We strongly believe in frith, in respect, in respecting others, in open-mindedness and the courage to grant others their space.

We run events around the country, to bring heathens together. Come and join us at Thunors Moot

A rich and ever growing collection of books, articles, videos, audio books website links and other online resources grouped by topic, format and reading level.

Follow our our articles and posts on a wide variety of subjects

Got a question? Need Info? Want to know about events, our policies or anything else. Then check out the FAQs. And if that doesnt answer your question contact us by clicking here

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