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The fair-haired wife of Thor and mother of Ullr and Þrúðr


The Fair-Haired deity, the wife of Thor, mother of Ullr and Þrúðr. Sif is somewhat of an enigma, once you look beneath the surface. After all, from the outset, she is relatively well-attested, married as she is to the Thunderer and mentioned often in tandem and of note whenever the gods gather on mass.

Her most known attestation and appearance is tied to the cutting of her hair, which is then replaced with a golden creation courtesy of the Sons of Ivaldi in Skáldskaparmál. Her name means, in essence, through/by marriage, connection, family, kin, connection – words to that effect. And this may offer a clue of her greater associations, as many heathens see her as a hearth and fertility figure tied to agriculture, the harvest, and thriving land.

Beyond that, we have tantalising details related to her son Ullr, and her previous marriage to an unknown being prior to Thor. The children of godly unions do tend to reflect the nature of the parents, and it’s possible that through Ullr, we have a version of Sif who was perhaps more martial in nature, or combative, with those stories having since been lost.

Personally (me, not the goddess, Sif) see her as a counterbalance to Thor, strong in ways that perfectly calm and counter his storm. Potent, highly capable, powerful, grounded to the Earth, steadfast. I see her as a frith keeper, a pillar of the gods, rooted. Moral. A guiding light.

But, how do you see Sif? Who is she to you?

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