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Welcome to Asatru UK, an inclusive Heathen community open to all who follow or wish to learn about the pre-Christian beliefs of Northern Europe

Our Goals
  • To create a space for talk, teaching and learning. 

  • To provide opportunity for discussion and growth

  • To organise moots and thyngs for those around the UK

  • To further the relationship between those of Heathen faiths in the UK, and worldwide.

  • To further Heathenry

Asatru UK is open to all those who have a healthy interest in the Asatru/Heathen/northern European faiths.


Inclusivity Statement

We, the groups and individuals behind the Asatru-EU Network, support and share a general non-discriminatory stance.

We believe in a reality populated by uncountable beings, such as gods, ancestors, land-wights, etins/jotunn, humans etc. all co-existing with equal value and unbreakable interdependence.



We run events around the country, to bring heathens together.

See our Events page


What is Heathenry?

Along with other information, we have a page dedicated to this very question

See our Heathenry page



Want to see how you can support our group, by becoming a Patron?

See our Patrons page


Our Blog

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